Planned Parenthood Flap

In case you missed it this week, blogs4God posted a controversial series of posters against Planned Parenthood this week. Reaction was swift, primarily against the message and methods expressed by the parody. I was impressed by the insight shown in much of the response (see, for example, two outstanding responses at A Cup of Rich and at Rachel Cunliffe’s website). Two highlights: Jordon Cooper’s apology for his initial reaction. A class act. Second, insightful words by Dan Hughes on what our reaction to Planned Parenthood should be:

Roman soldiers were in the business of oppressing and killing on command. Zealots hated them. Zealots fermented war against them. Rome crushed the whole Jewish nation in three wars over ~90 years in large part because of the Zealots. The Temple was destroyed, Jerusalem was leveled and the whole Jewish people, because of Zealotry, were scattered. Jesus told people to help carry the Roman soldier’s equipment; twice as far as the soldier’s expected.

It’s been a painful week, but I think we’ve learned something.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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