Evolution of Denominational Meetings

Wise words from Jordon Cooper:

I am starting to agree with Lessig. Blogging falls into the “nothing” category. It is just empty words and is something that the church has done exceedingly well for 1600 years. I wonder if blogging is the personalized evolution of denominational meetings where they pass resolutions saying, “no sex before marriage” and my personal favorite, “everyone needs to become a Christian” and then nothing really changes. I am not saying having a blog is bad but there are some real things that we are called to do and much more can be done then offering up punditry every day online.

Although I agree, I wouldn’t want to downplay the value of communicating ideas. Blogs have helped me to think through issues in fresh ways. That being said, it should translate into something. I think that in many cases, it has.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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