Jordon reviews Affluenza at Next-Wave:

The issues the book brings forward are awkward issues in churches.  How we use our money is not a topic most of like to be challenged on.  It feels like we all have a plank in our own eye.  Not only that, Affluenza seems to have affected many of our local churches.  Stewardship in many churches is linked to the preservation of the material assets (buildings) or an expansion of programs that people can consume.  A couple of years I remember sitting in a seminar with a church giving consultant and I heard these words over and over again.  It isnít an expenditure problem, it is a revenue issue.  The assumptions that churches need more and more and more money wasnít even thought about.

The entire review is worth reading. The same could probably be said of the book.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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