I thought my list was short

“Important stuff Youth Specialties believes (a.k.a., Statement of Faith)” by Mike Yaconelli:

…We know there’s other important stuff out thereÖactually, a lot of other stuff: theology, doctrine, homosexuality, abortion, war, the second coming, prophecy, music, discipleship, appearance, serving, worship, tattoos, dancing, drinking, traditions, smoking, language, baptism, moral issues andÖwell, like we said, lots of stuff. All that stuff is important, and certainly people should try to figure out what to believe about all those things, but that’s exactly the point. We believe that if the “biggies” are sorted out, then all the other stuff will eventually fall into place too. It might not fall into the same place as the brother or sister next to you, but that’s what makes the kingdom of God so interesting. Right?

Update: There seem to be two approaches to spirituality. One is defined by the center (Jesus). Augustine said, “Love God and do as you please.” The other is more focused on the boundaries: what you believe on every issue, how you behave. It’s not that the first group doesn’t care about the issues; it’s just that the issues aren’t their focus.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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