Called to what?

Leith Anderson and Erwin McManus on “The Call” in Leadership Journal:

Anderson: My primary identity is, I’m me and I’m a Christian. It’s not, I’m a pastor. I’ve never had a “sense of call” to the pastorate. I was raised in a pastor’s home, and I’ve just tried to make wise choices with the gifts and opportunties God provides… McManus: I agree…Focusing the call to “full-time Christian work” really reduces the life of every other believer in two ways: (1) if they don’t have “a call experience,” it abdicates them from any responsibility to have a conversation with God about their life’s work, because if you’re not called to vocational ministry, then you can do anything you want. And (2) it demeans any other vocation as secondary in God’s eyes.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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