Becoming disillusioned with

becoming disillusioned with post-modern ministry, by gio campea

Essentially what I have been hearing and reading is the embodiment of the criticisms we have been leveling against the Willow Clone churches for years. How have we come to this? Look, I love post-modern ministry, however, we must get back to the understanding that post-modern ministry is at its core about communicating and living the Faith in a culturally relevant manner to the particular geographical culture we’re in. It’s not about church style, or candles, or dim lights, or music style, or old architecture, or multimedia. These things can be elements of a reconstructed understanding of Christian life and worship, but they aren’t the underlying impetus. Unless we in the post-modern ministry world realize this, we’d be better off post-mortem.

Thanks to Josh Sargent for the link (who found it through deep :: dirt).

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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