Four spaces

A couple of you have reminded me that I should read The Search to Belong by Joe Myers. Until I buy my own, or Ed lends me his copy, I’m going to have to settle for Jordon’s review. Jordon writes:

Much of The Search to Belong is based on the work of Edward T. Hall. Hall identified four types of social space: public, social, personal, and intimate. Building on Hall’s research on the four spaces, Myers suggests that far too much time and energy has been directed on promoting intimate space as the ideal. Churches and organizations need to stop equating intimacy with significance and more efforts need to spent appreciating the value of public space, and promoting opportunities for social and personal space. This runs counter to the conventional wisdom of most churches which see small groups as the way to church growth and a solution that is right for everyone in the church.

Is there a role for the big gathering? Myers seems to think so. More to come when I finally get to read this book.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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