Dad Not Well

I received word tonight that my father isn’t well. My half-sister recently returned from seeing him at his home in England. Here’s what she wrote:

Am writing to tell you about my father. He is very frail indeed and as you know very confused and can’t remember much…I would suggest that someone from your family get there as soon as possible. His bedroom is piled knee high with plastic bags containing clothes from the Charity shops that he "is sending to Canada for the children" and his kitchen is piled high (try to imagine the smell) with out of date frozen food which has defrosted. Some over a year old! I am not sure he is eating. He has lost weight and his legs are very weak.
I first saw him early on in my trip and the deterioration in his health in 6 months is very concerning. If he became seriously ill no one would know. He is very weak and walking is difficult for him. He is not cashing his cheques and apparently did not pay his rent for a while. In fact he is totally unable to care for himself although he believes he is managing quite well. If Darryl is going in a month’s time it may be too late unless he has care in the meantime.

I’ve made arrangements to leave immediately to see him. My flight leaves Thursday night at 8:15 PM. I will be returning on October 10.

This will be a tough trip. It looks like one of my brothers may be able to join me in a few days. I will post an update once I find out more.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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