Already, but Not Yet (Psalm 126)

Big Idea: Celebrate what God has already done, but long for what God will yet do. There’s a term that theologians use that I find really powerful. It’s just four words:

Far From Home (Psalm 120)

Big Idea: You’re far from home, so don’t settle in here, and start your journey home. Have you ever been so disgusted by the state of things that you feel sick?

Lament (Psalm 13)

Big Idea: When you suffer, tell God how you feel, ask for his help, and reaffirm your trust. We’re doing something very different today. We’re holding a service of lament. That

Faithfulness (Psalm 101)

Big Idea: A good leader has faithful character, hates evil, and loves the faithful. Only Jesus perfectly meets this standard. As you know, the world has been rocked this year by a series