Like a Weaned Child (Psalm 131)

Big Idea: Let go of pride and burdens that are too heavy for you to carry, and pursue calm, quietness, and rest in God’s presence. I need to be honest with you.

The Good Life (Psalm 128)

Big Idea: The good life is found in fearing and obeying God, and living this way leads to flourishing for both ourselves and others. Every Sunday morning, I watch the cross-Canada train go

Already, but Not Yet (Psalm 126)

Big Idea: Celebrate what God has already done, but long for what God will yet do. There’s a term that theologians use that I find really powerful. It’s just four words:

Far From Home (Psalm 120)

Big Idea: You’re far from home, so don’t settle in here, and start your journey home. Have you ever been so disgusted by the state of things that you feel sick?