Group Coaching with Gospel for Life

group coaching

About Group Coaching

Group coaching is a type of coaching where a coach works with a small group of people who share common goals or interests. It allows you to learn and grow with the support of others.

In group coaching, participants benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of the group. They also have the opportunity to share their own insights and perspectives, which can help others in the group.

Group coaching sessions typically involve discussions, exercises, and activities that are designed to help participants achieve their goals. The coach provides guidance and support, but the emphasis is on the group working together to achieve success.

Group coaching is an effective way to build relationships, learn from others, and achieve personal and ministry growth. It is also a more affordable option than individual coaching.

If you are looking for a supportive and collaborative environment to help you achieve your goals, group coaching may be the right choice for you.

Group Coaching Options

8 Habits Challenge

To sign up for the next 8 Habits Challenge, a group coaching experience based on Darryl's book 8 Habits for Growth, fill in the form below.

Group Coaching with Boards and Staff

Darryl also meets with church boards and staff to coach on the subject of Christian discipleship.

If you would like to invite Darryl to provide coaching to your team, please contact us.