Gospel for Life Nutrition: An Offer for Pastors and Spouses

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One of the highlights of the past year has been working with Charlene to develop a new online coaching initiative called Gospel for Life. We’ve just completed a beta of Gospel for Life Discipleship, which helps people grow gospel habits over a seven-week period. We’re excited to officially launch G4L Discipleship in February.

Our first official launch, though, may sound strange. It’s Gospel for Life Nutrition. It may be surprising, but it makes more sense than you might think.

Why Nutrition?

One of the purposes of Gospel for Life is to apply the gospel to all of life. There is really no such thing as our spiritual lives. Your entire life matters, and all of it is a stewardship before God.

As a pastor, I’ve long recognized the importance of stewarding my health and nutrition. Like many, I’ve also struggled in this area, and I know how it affects the rest of life.

Charlene started working for a company called Precision Nutrition a few years ago. They’re a world leader in nutrition education for professionals. We started taking and benefiting from their coaching. We were so intrigued by its application to discipleship that we also started taking their coaching certification programs as well. It gave us the idea for Gospel for Life.

One of the benefits of completing their certification is that we’re now allowed to deliver their nutrition curriculum, backed by our coaching. It’s a perfect fit: helping others learn how to steward their health for God’s glory, with amazing curriculum, backed by gospel-based coaching.

An Idea for Pastors and Spouses

If you’re not a pastor or someone in vocational ministry, or the spouse of someone who is, but you’re interested in Gospel for Life Nutrition, then check it out. We’re opening some spots on January 2.

But I have a special offer for pastors, those in vocational ministry, and their spouses.

My passion is really for those in ministry. If something like this could help you, then I’d love for you to have first crack at the few spots we have, and the best price. Fill out the form below, and I’ll get in touch with you to chat about the details. Bottom line: we want this to be as affordable and accessible as possible to those in ministry who are interested. We have only a very limited number of spots, and I’d like you to go first.

I can’t wait to talk to you if you’re interested.

Also: please pray for us. I’m excited about Gospel for Life, and can’t wait to see how God may use it.

Get in Touch

Fill out this form if you want more information about G4L Nutrition for those in vocational ministry and their spouses. This isn’t a sales call. There’s no pressure. I’ll just fill you in on the details and see if it’s a good fit. I’d love to serve you.

If you’re viewing this by RSS or email and can’t see the form, visit the website here.

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Gospel for Life Nutrition: An Offer for Pastors and Spouses
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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