The 6 Seasons of Calling


What if you don’t have a calling from God, but callings?

In The 6 Seasons of Calling, Brian Sanders argues that God has ordained six basic seasons of life:

  1. Childhood – the season of bonding
  2. Adolescence – the season of learning
  3. Early Career – the season of serving
  4. Mid-Career – the season of creating
  5. Late Career – the season of giving
  6. Transition – the season of leaving

In this episode, Sanders explains how to live faithfully in whatever season God you’re in right now.

Key Ideas

  • Discipleship is not just a system or an algorithm.
  • Because we are all called to be on mission, we need to help learn our calling as individual believers.
  • We face six turning points or seasons in our life. IN each season, we keep some of the old but progress tins something new.
  • Each season of life comes with a unique set of threats and opportunities.
  • As we get older, more is expected from us.
  • Each season provides opportunities for a new start.
  • The last season of your life can be the most fruitful season of your life.
  • We need to bring leadership back into the realm of aesthetics: helping people feel loved, and leading people to the beauty and attractiveness of Jesus.
  • Pastors can help shepherd people through each season of calling.


“Whatever your discipleship pathway, journey, system, pattern or whatever that you create or imagine, there needs to be like a hole in it, something that you think, well, only God can do that.”

“In your sense of uncertainty, you turn to the only one you know can give you certainty.”

“Whether it was good or bad, the last season of your life … you get to start over. You’re meant to start over.”

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The 6 Seasons of Calling
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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