Saturday Links

Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

A Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs

This is a rule of life for entrepreneurs and others called to enterprising leadership.

The Best Weapon Is an Open Door

Hospitality is the ground zero of the Christian life. What is standing in your way?

Benefits and Negatives of a Long-Term Pastorate

Given such a lengthy tenure in one church — all told, over 45 years — we asked him [Ron Pracht] to reflect on the pros and cons of a long-term pastorate.

Who Pastors the Pastor? 5 Ways to Cope with Personal Grief

So who pastors the pastor during a time of loss? How do pastors actually grieve? Here are five strategies that may help pastors navigate through seasons of loss and grief.

What Sort of Person Can Serve in a Deprived Community?

The key qualifications for serving in a deprived community are not a rough upbringing and hard-bitten life. The questions are simply, do you love the Lord, do you love his people and do you love the lost?

Is Your Church Christian or Christianish?

There is nothing in all the world as precious as a truly Christian church. There is nothing in all the world as dangerous as one that is merely Christianish. Choose your church well.

5 Things We’ve Learned as We Transition from an Ethnic to a Multicultural Church

We’re not there yet, but, by God’s grace, we’ve made progress toward becoming more diverse. Here are a few lessons we’ve learned so far.

50 Good Mental Health Habits

Pick one or two items from this list that are a good fit for your life at this time and practice them until they become a habit. Once that happens, considering picking up a couple other items to focus on.
Saturday Links
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