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Saturday Links
Saturday Links

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Bring the Books!

One thing we see looking back at great movements of God (revivals and reformations) prompted by gospel preaching is that the preachers weren’t usually themselves “wakened” by preaching but by reading.

Mortality and My Library

Reshelving a book unfinished is one more failure, a door one closes perhaps never to return … Who knew tidying your library could be such an existential risk?

10 Parts of the Church Multiplication Cycle

It is more important for church planters to know how to go from 0 believers to 10 new believers in a year, than it is for them to know how to form a 501(c)(3) organization, develop a web site, or administrate a praise team for a reached people group.

Answer These 14 Questions before You Preach

Peter Adam shared 14 questions (below) to guide preachers to make the most of their sermon preparation.

When Should Doctrine Divide?

How do we decide when to partner with other Christians? I know this whole area is too complicated to tackle in one post, but here are a couple initial guiding questions that may be helpful to consider.

Self-Care or Sabbath?

How then should we respond as Christian leaders to such beliefs? First, we should affirm the common grace good to be found in self-care … Second, we should challenge the practice by showing both our parishioners and the world how self-care only makes sense in God’s economy and by correcting the practice where necessary.
Saturday Links
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