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Saturday Links
Saturday Links

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Shame, Guilt, and Fear: What 1,000 Americans Avoid Most

Overall, 38 percent of Americans say they avoid shame the most, while 31 percent say guilt and 30 percent say fear.

Google Knows Who You Really Are

Looking out on our mission field, and on our churches, we shouldn’t rely on what people tell us about how happy or content or pious they are. We should know that, below the surface, they are often churning out their resentment, anger, sadness, shame, and fear.

Beware the Graduation Speech

Most commencement addresses boil down to three sentiments:
  1. You’re amazing.
  2. Follow your dreams.
  3. Never give up.
While all three points can be appropriate in the right context, they don’t amount to much as a game plan for the future, let alone an approach to the good life.

Why Do Churches Wound Their Pastors?

To demand perfect skill, holiness, and ever-effective labor from anyone is akin to idolatry.

We Actually Don’t Need a Trinitarian Revival

In a dark irony, what is killing Trinitarianism is the crush of doctors claiming they are here to help Trinitarianism.

The Pastor Must Fall on His Sword Before He Wields It

We are the only army in the world in which we are called to fall on our swords before we wield them.
Saturday Links
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