Saturday Links

Saturday links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

Is Your Worship Service Otherworldly Enough?

We won’t reach more people by eliminating the awe-inspiring elements that follow from an encounter with the living God. We’ll reach fewer, and the ones we do reach will experience less.

In Praise of Rote Learning: Why We Need Catechisms

Let’s reconsider the beauty of rote learning.

The Power of Praying Together

What might God do in your church if you committed to praying more together?

Pre-Evangelism: Building Relational Trenches

Pre-evangelism is like building trenches in the sand, giving the water of the gospel a channel to go in.

Respectable Sins in Christian Ministry

While we easily diagnose the sins of others, we too often gloss over the evil within us.

Identifying the Hidden Sin of Reverse Idolatry

Ask yourself these 15 questions when you sense anger rising in your soul toward someone you might see as your opponent or enemy.

Alistair Begg Meets the Politically Correct

Might Begg be drawing the line in the wrong place—too much in the direction of showing grace? Sure. Might I be drawing it in the wrong place—too much in the direction of maintaining truth? Again, yes. He risks confusing people. I risk hurting people. That’s why I think we both attempt to sort these out with fear and trembling and a willingness to be corrected.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: The Hardest Part About Ministry

The hardest part of ministry is also one of the best parts of ministry: people.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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