Saturday Links

Saturday links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

To the New and Nervous Scripture Reader

I heard you set a goal for the new year to read Scripture more faithfully. That’s great! But I was also told that now you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. You want to be in the Word, but you’re just not quite sure how that’s going to work. I get it; and if I could, I’d like to offer you a couple of pieces of advice.

My Bible Reading Feels Flat — What Can I Do?

What if I read my Bible, but I don’t feel anything in my affections that resonates with the worth, the value, the preciousness, the beauty, the pleasures of what those words are supposed to communicate to my soul?

Dear Pastor . . . Don’t Undervalue the Sacraments

Could it be that many of us are wary of ascribing the sacraments a more central role in corporate worship because we have misunderstood what the sacraments are and do?

Why You Should Attend Church (in Person) This Sunday

Here are five incentives God gives every Christian to wake up and go worship with your local church.

Two Hats for Productivity

When I’m clearing my inbox, responding to comments in a doc, cooking lunch–these are chores.
The other hat, though, looks very different.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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