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Saturday Links

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4 Things to Remember When Talking About Your Church

It never fails that when I’m at an event for pastors, during side conversations or breakout sessions, brothers start talking about sheep biting or wandering. Sometimes, the conversation remains innocent. But many times, it turns into sarcastic grumbling. These things ought not be so.

How to Use Prayer Meetings to Promote Catholicity

Pastor, what kind of culture are you working to create for how your church regards other churches? Are you leading your church to be generous, hospitable, and friendly toward other churches?

Lamenting the Church Plant Fad

I have seen a genuine uptick in church planting taking its rightful place as a critical value for many denomination and mission organizations. It is right and a beautiful answer to prayers for our nation.
It also is in jeopardy of becoming a fad.

The Goal Is Authorial Intent

When it comes to understanding the Bible, we are ultimately aiming to understand what the author was trying to convey.

Marriage Won’t Fix Your Porn Problem

Don’t buy the lie that marriage will save you from porn.

Is There a Book in You?

When I sit down with writers, I either put on my publishing hat or my author hat. Sometimes, I switch between the two, having been on both sides of the conversation. I try to help them understand what goes into the writing process so they can uncover whether their idea would make sense as a book or perhaps as a good column, essay, or blog post.

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