Saturday Links

Saturday Links

I’ll be taking a week off. God willing, I’ll post again on Tuesday, October 10.

Curated links for your weekend reading:

TGC Announces The Carson Center for Theological Renewal

Today the Center launches with thousands of Bible and theology resources available and ready to search. But with translation projects underway and new resources under development, we’re just getting started.

The 28 Most Important Bible Events — and Why They Matter

Understanding the most important Bible stories will help you get a bigger picture of Scripture’s overarching story and its key ramifications in all areas of life.
So what are the most important Bible events to grasp?

Five Blessings of Marking Up Your Bible

I’m convinced there is just so much to gain by faithfully marking up a Bible during daily Bible study.

Sabbath for Moms: How to Practice Rest with Kids

Here are a few rhythms that have been a blessing in our home (and helped this mom find peace and rest in the midst of daily motherhood).

Online ‘Prophets’ Are More like Jonah than Jeremiah

There’s always the danger of having a prophetic voice without a prophet’s heart.

When Jesus Comforts the Accused

Real grace forgives us completely, and real love calls us higher.

My Favorite Pastors

My favorite pastors are my pastors.

21 Simple Habits That Can Benefit a Pastor’s Overall Health

These health practices can allow a pastor to make the greatest impact for the gospel and lead his family well.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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