Saturday Links

Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

Making a Pastoral Apology

A demonstration of honesty and vulnerability will build trust between you and the people you serve.

Confessing the Sin of Platforming

My heart hatched plans to artificially build a platform, increase my influence, and widen my readership. The blueprints for the tower were coming together. And then, conviction came right on time.

One Problem With Being an Insecure Minister

The answer to this insecurity isn’t to grow in your skill set but to grow in finding your security and identity in Christ. Only in Him will insecure ministers find the competence and confidence they need.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About “Job Security”

Learners and developers are the only ones who are truly indispensable in today’s economy.

Preaching and Personality

If you think that your quietness or introversion or lack of ability to tell jokes means you can be of little use to God, then please do think again.

Preaching the Ten Commandments

When I preach through the Ten Commandments, each sermon has four points, because each commandment does four things at once.

Can Christians Marry Non-Christians?: A Biblical Theology

I want to make the point that it is a matter of obedience to God not to pursue a relationship with a non-believer. I’m going to try and make it as clear as I can that however it feels, those feelings are temptations to call right that which God calls wrong; those feelings are not accompanied by any affirmation from God.

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Saturday Links
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Darryl Dash

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