Saturday Links

Saturday Links

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Thank You, Your Majesty

Hers was a life of service, not self-actualization.

Lord, Help Me See the Ways to Die Today

A few months ago, I began asking the Lord every morning to give me chances that day to die to myself, and for the Spirit to help me recognize those opportunities. He has never failed to answer this prayer. Not once.

Treasuring the Trail of Translation

If you’ve been taught the language, read the Greek New Testament before you teach the English one.

The Fruit Grown in a Flock by Pastoral Encouragement

There are times when we need to admonish, and we cannot neglect that. But admonishment will be received better when people have been consistently cared for by their shepherd’s gospel-driven encouragement.

Don’t Sleep on Rural Ministry

A lot of evangelical churches in outlying areas are praying desperately that crop after crop of young pastors and aspiring church planters will grow up and show up.

A Meal for the Journey

We are out of touch with a tradition that highly prized the ordinances as vehicles of spiritual grace.

Don’t Get Bored With the Routine

I fear we sometimes overlook the routine. But it is amazing how quickly we insist that the church must be doing one thing or another, that the Bible doesn’t demand, and overlook the routine apparently ordinary things that it does demand.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: My Biggest Danger when Judging Others

My biggest danger when judging others is becoming a judgmental person who’s focused on the faults of others and blind to my own.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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