Saturday Links

Saturday Links

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Millennials, the Church and the mission of Family

Church want to reach Millennials? … STOP spending more money on your presentation and preach the ancient truths of God’s overflowing love into His people so much so that you will make every effort to be a genuine covenant family in Christ so that your homes would be invaded with those who others can’t stand to be around, or are disconnected from authentic love. Then offer them the love of Christ.

How Not to Help a Sufferer

Here are four things in particular to avoid when with a sufferer. Think of them as four ways we, like Job’s friends, can pour burning coals on the heads of those already sitting in ashes.

Jesus and Tithing

When we tithe, we should be thinking, “Well, this is for starters. And I grow from here.”

7 Verses Every Pastor and Planter Should Commit to Memory

This is simply a list to get us started.

Letter from a ‘Concerned Church Member’

I have thought a long time about whether I should write this letter to you. You know that I’m not one to complain. But after talking it over with five or ten other folks in the congregation and realizing that some people had similar concerns, I thought you had the right to know.

Keep Learning to Lead

As I’ve led others over the last several years, I’ve gleaned several lessons that might help others (especially in a ministry context).
Saturday Links
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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