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Saturday Links

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The Two Most Common Practices in Healthy Churches

After looking at tens of thousands of churches over the past several years, I would be negligent if I did not note these two common practices in the healthiest of the churches. These practices showed up again and again.

Eight Ways Pastors Can Cultivate Long-Term Tenures

Generally, long-term pastor tenures are better than short-term pastor tenures. Below are eight ways pastors can cultivate their own long-term tenures.

The Internal Battles of Even the Best Pastors

I just want to advocate for your Pastor today to tell you a few things you probably weren’t aware of.

Four Reasons Every Pastor Should Ask for Feedback and Welcome Critique

During my earlier years of ministry, I rarely asked for feedback and struggled to accept a critique. Today, I have a deliberate plan: I ask for feedback and critique.

My Top Ten Suggestions for New Pastors

As still a rather newish seminary professor, I am growing accustomed to seeing yet another batch of graduates go off into their first pastorate. I regularly get asked for a tip or two about what to do upon arrival (or sometimes I just offer them without being asked!). So I thought I would give ten of them that I regularly pass along one way or the other.

Looking Forward to a Heaven We Can Imagine

What difference is Heaven supposed to make in our lives now? Why do you think many Christians don’t look forward to Heaven anymore? What are some of the biggest misconceptions about Heaven?

3 Ways Understanding Jesus’s Cultural Context Helps Me

If I simply wear my “cultural glasses,” the way of looking at the world which has been crafted in my own cultural context, the teaching of Jesus can be skewed.
Saturday Links
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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