A Thought, a Quote, and a Resource

A Thought, a Quote, and a Resource

A weekly email to help encourage nonfamous faithfulness

“A Thought, a Quote, and a Resource” is a weekly newsletter delivered every Thursday.

It contains:

  • something I’ve been thinking about
  • a good quote I’ve found
  • a resource worth sharing

My goal is to encourage readers to stay faithful in their assignments, because nonfamous faithfulness glorifies God.

Hey, man, just thought I’d let you know I’m enjoying your new newsletter. It’s succinct, thought-provoking, and at the right frequency.
I appreciate reading A Thought, A Quote, and A Resource …it’s one of the few manageable things that come my way. ... TQR is reliably nourishing, but I know I can sit down and read it in under five minutes…even if I’m chasing down a link or two.
Chris S.