Habit #4: Speak with God

Speak with God

We don’t have to speak with God in prayer; we get to speak with God in prayer. It’s a gift, not an obligation. God loves to hear from his people. He invites us to come to him and tell him what’s on our minds, and to ask for his help in every area of our lives.

The hardest part about prayer is often just getting started. This habit aims to help you see prayer as a regular part of your life, an action that we can regularly as we live in relationship with our Father.

Big Idea
Speak with God every day through prayer. Live your life in relationship with God.

Choose Your Actions

Choose one or more of the following:

  • Choose a time each day to pray, and set a timer for five minutes.
  • Go for a prayer walk. While walking, spend time praying to God and telling Him what is on your mind.
  • Keep a prayer journal. Buy a paper journal or use a journaling app, and write your prayers to God.

Suggested Resources



I enjoy using the PrayerMate app to help organize when I pray for people and ministries.

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