Find Joy in the Chaos of Twitter

Find Joy in the Chaos of Twitter

Twitter is confusing. I get so much value out of some of the people I follow, but a lot of it seems like a giant waste of time. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth continuing to use it.

A couple of months ago, I came across Kevon Cheung’s helpful book Find Joy in Chaos: How to Build Your Twitter Presence so Connections and Opportunities Come Find You. I enjoy Cheung’s relational approach to using Twitter.

I asked him some questions about the book. Here’s a summary. If you want to listen to my entire interview, you can download the audio below.

Twitter can seem like a giant mess sometimes. Why do you think Twitter is still something valuable? A valuable tool that we can use.

I think because it is like a communication platform a lot of people like to call it social media, but to me, it's really a way to reach people.

And of course, there are so many other platforms, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, but I can see that a group of us are not really a big fan of TikTok or Instagram or the corporate style of LinkedIn, but Twitter just fit us so well because it's conversational. It's a bit more casual. It has room for a sense of humor.

I really like the title of your book. So what's the joy part of Find Joy in Chaos?

For me, Twitter is not a place for social media. It's not a place for news. For me, it is really for my online presence and to build up that network community around myself. So my joy is to build a networked community around myself, and they need to care about what I do.

And I need to care about what they do. And it's not about like selling to each other. It's more about the fact that we really enjoy each other's presence and the conversations. I meet so many people where we just push each other a little bit or give each other the tips to move forward. I think that's what joy is to me.

I just take this slow approach and value every single person that I meet on the way.

One thing I really appreciated is that you help people discover what's important to them. What kinds of things can people do to figure out how to use Twitter in a way that actually matters to them?

Most of the time, I would say even 80% of the time we are instantly turning ourselves into someone else. And then we try so hard to create content, tell our stories, but in other people's way because we're imitating them.

I find that if someone can bring their real-life self online, they're gonna be on Twitter for like decades and still enjoy it very much.

You’ve got some categories of things we can do on Twitter.

We can encourage, help, lift, and then joke.

Please do check out Kevon’s book, and give him a follow on Twitter. The audio for the interview is below.

Interview with Kevon Cheung — Find Joy in Chaos

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