Reformed with a missional edge


I could be wrong, but I sense that the ground has shifted.

A few years ago, what we now call the emerging church was fresh and connected with a lot of us who were a little weary of the church growth movement and a pragmatic approach to faith. This movement has been somewhat helpful, but it wasn’t without its problems – some theological and some due to the fact that it was still, well, emerging or deconstructing. But I sense this first phase has lost some steam – not a completely bad thing. The emerging church was never the point. (By the way, LT has a stimulating post on this today).

It really seems that just as the emerging movement seems to be slowing or changing, the Reformed movement has taken over, as suggested by Christianity Today and others. What’s interesting is that there is a real missional edge to this, as evidenced by guys like Tim Keller (see Keller’s The Missional Church). It’s not your mother’s Reformed church. It’s theologically robust but also contextual and it’s making an impact. It’s also more theologically conservative, but it’s solidly missional.

What do you think? Do you sense some of the same things happening?

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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